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Tofu BBQ burger even meat-eaters LOVE. We grilled out this weekend and this was my little slice of paradise. To make the burger we took a large block of extra firm tofu and sliced in thirds. Then grilled and then slathered on sauce. But to up the ante, we marinated the grilled slab overnight. And for lunch on Sunday, I was the lucky one!!

This tofu burger was a little slice of paradise Sunday. But really I wanted to taste the new BBQ sauce that had no nasty sugars, made with Agave Nectar.

My mind has been on the following: BBQ sauce, cookouts and summer fun! Not bad, heh?

I love grilling on a weekend just a ton of items, and saving them to eat throughout the week.

So I opened a block of extra firm tofu and went to town on making a bunch of tofu bbq burgers.

Here are the deets:

I gased up the grill and went inside to prep the tofu.

I sliced the block into thirds, so I’d have a nice square burger to fit on a bun. Just so the burgers were one inch thick.

How long to grill the tofu?  Well, I’d say that varies.

(I’ve had different grill fires depending on what charcoal or briquettes I’m using.)

When I put the tofu ‘burgers’ on the grill, I stand there and check them every minute.

I look for hash marks … and when I’m satisfied with both sides I put ’em in a sealed container and head inside.

These special babies get slathered hot with a new Vegan BBQ sauce stocked at Whole Foods.

(Yes, it’s tempting to eat the burger …but I waited…See, I know a thing or two about how tomato-based sauces improve a dish stored two days in the fridge.)

So I marinated the tofu in the new sauce.

Then, the following day, I took out the tofu and heated the ‘burger.’

I got my Rudy’s Whole Wheat hamburger buns, pickle, lettuce, purple onion and tomato. And I assembled that baby.

And didn’t even make it to the table.

I stood there thinking I was analyzing the new barbecue sauce, but what I was doing was scarfing down this wonderful hot BBQ-sauced burger.

And I call that PROGRESS!!