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WHOLE FOODS DOWNTOWN AUSTIN, TEXAS SAT. MORNING -- My first thought was 'only in Austin.' Then I smiled and introduced myself. She said she wakes up and usually has a kernel of an idea for an outfit. And sometimes it takes hours to get ready, she explained. It's her way of touching her creative side and reminding her that that part is there. I love it!!

WHOLE FOODS DOWNTOWN AUSTIN, TEXAS SAT. MORNING — My first thought was ‘only in Austin.’ Then I smiled and introduced myself. She said when she wakes in the morning she usually has some idea for the day’s outfit. And sometimes it takes hours to finish the ‘getting ready part,’ she explained. It’s a way she touches her creative side to remind herself that that part is ALIVE. I love it!!

It is so exciting because we have a baby coming! No, not me and George. Our friends who we will refer to here as ‘C’ and ‘B.’

‘C’ was due this past week and we have no idea the gender of this child. And I am anxious to meet this kid. But I tell ya, it has been delightful watching ‘C’ continue her yoga practice throughout her pregnancy.

If I had any excuse not to practice that all got thrown out watching ‘C’ practice this past week. I had no EXCUSE. (So there was lots and lots of yoga practice.)

Meanwhile, back at our LA HACIENDA, plants are baking in the 100-degree plus temps. ( My stance is complete water coverage, everywhere. I’m a little obsessed. I WILL NOT LOSE ONE MAN THIS AUGUST.)

(Well, enjoy today’s pic from Whole Foods Downtown. I think I might be investing in some tutus and hats.)


Dinner: George said he would love some Sausage, Onion and Peppers. So, we’ll see if we can take a recipe and turn it a little more plant-strong…

I have a jar of CENTO tomatoes.

Will try to adapt sausage and peppers recipe here, and serve with dairy-free cornbread and green beans. (red peppers were grilled Friday night.)

Cut up sprouted grain pita into triangles and make chips.

Make Sunday’s lunch salad in containers to take to yoga.


FuN: Yoga Practice

Lunch: Big Salad with purple/napa cabbage, kale, brown rice, sesame vinaigrette.

Dinner: Tilapia in panko filling (for blue corn shells). Black Beans. Avacado and vegan cheese.


FuN: Yoga Practice

Lunch: On your own

Dinner: Make Bean Soup Mix from Women’s Bean Project. (A gift from lovely Colleen @ redwheelbarrowplants.com.)

Make Tuesday’s lunch salad


FuN: Yoga Practice

Dinner: Dr. Praeger Burgers atop pita pizzas. Use cucs/purple onion, veggie mozzerella.

Make Wednesday’s lunch salad…


FuN: Yoga Practice

Dinner: Buddha Bowl with kale, carrot, cous cous, cucumber, Mother’s Cashew Tamari Dressing


(Day off from yoga practice at the shala)

Dinner: Using cooked soup beans, brown rice, sweet corn nibbles for bean burgers. Sprouted Food For Life sesame buns. Onions and Pickles.

Pack up ‘tax free weekend’ lunches for San Marcos trip.


(Day off yoga practice)

Lunch and Dinner: The stuff you packed up from last night.

(Mom and I realized it’s TAX FREE WEEKEND this coming weekend, Aug 9 to 11.

For Texas this means no 8.25% tax on items for back to school, like clothes, shoes, and pencils … unfortunately, cooking utensils are not a part of the deal.

All the deets are found at the link above. Enjoy!)