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Turkey sage meatballs and oat bran spaghetti pasta. (We were just like 'pigs in slop' tonight, really, slurping noises included.)

Turkey sage meatballs and oat bran spaghetti pasta. (We were just like ‘pigs in slop’ tonight, really, slurping noises included. BTW…the pasta packs 5g of fiber. Whew!)

Poor George is gonna be eating crock pot dinners Tuesday and Thursday night while I’m in microbiology class.

Between you and me, I think he’ll be fine.

In fact, he’ll probably eat better than ever, cause I’m gonna have to be super organized this semester.

Yep. You heard right. Microbiology class. It’s just another pre-req on my journey to medical school.

I’m actually super excited about getting to make smears on petri dishes.

And I never know when it’s gonna intersect with my cooking. ha!

So, here’s how it’s lookin this week:


Dinner: Italian Night: Turkey Sage Meatballs (recipe from Whole Foods Market cookbook) atop oat bran spaghetti and marinara. Large side salad.

Make Monday lunch: Greek salad w/cucumbers, pita, hummus, cous cous


(yoga practice)

Lunch: Greek salad w/cucs, pita, hummus, parsley, spices, cous cous

Dinner: Breaded tilapia w/ green beans, brown rice

Prep peanut sauce for Tuesday lunch

Prep breakfast cups (rolled oats, raisins, sliced almonds)


(yoga practice)

Prep black beans/sweet potato tacos (start up slow cooker w/ ingredients)

Lunch: Soba Noodles w/cucumbers and peanut sauce

Dinner: Crockpot black beans and sweet potato tacos

4-8: I start Microbiology class/lab

Prep whole wheat ravioli/salad for Wednesday lunch

Soak black beans, Prep breakfast cups


(yoga practice)

Lunch: Raviolis and green leafy salad (probably kale)

Dinner: Black bean enchiladas, corn, guacamole, salsa

Grocery shop for new greens, produce, including green beans, peaches, apples, banana, oranges, tortillas for enchiladas,
grill items for Friday night grilling

Cook big black bean batch

Prep Thursday lunch salad/sandwich

Soak beans for Thursday dinner, Prep breakfast cups


(yoga practice)

Lunch: Green leafy salad / sandwiches

Make polenta cakes

Turn on slow cooker: six bean soup mix and diced tomatoes, spices

4-8 Micro class

Dinner: Six bean soup mix w/ polenta cakes / green beans


(walk @ lake)

Pick up Sat. night dinner items: for ‘Frenchie’ Beef Bourg. (carrots, potatoes, etc.)

Lunch: Out (probably at WFoods fish bar)

Dinner: Fire up grill for peaches, grill items


Downtown Austin Farmer’s Market (9 a.m.)