backyard_wideThis week I tackled the very, very back of our backyard.

I tried to keep a compost pile out there, but honestly, it just looks tacky.

And plus, the different critters in the nearby Bouldin Creek really like the pile and this was not good for my New Yorker husband who is not used to coming into contact with such wild beasts.

I joked with him tonight about our Christmas Tree still being there.

(Only in a Texas backyard, and probably only in Austin would this be allowed. lol!!)

Ye old old fence prolly circa 1929...who knows for sure.

Ye old old fence prolly circa 1929…who knows for sure.

Anyhow, I just got fed up and I started cleaning it all up.

I’ll end up laying a ‘paver path’ — starting from mid-backyard — to the alley — through ye old old fence — plus there’s gonna be a nicer parking spot off the back alley.

We’re gonna lay down some nice crushed granite … it’ll be real cushy.