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Pizza I made with tomatoes from Oma's and Opa's Farm in Fredericksburg, Texas. (They do great pickling too.)

Our pizza featured tomatoes from Oma’s and Opa’s Farm in Fredericksburg, Texas.

AUSTIN, TEXAS — I really believe if everyone shopped for every meal at the Farmer’s Markets (yeah, right…who has the time to shop there and cook it all up??), everyone would eat lots and lots of veggies.

The veggies, as you all know, TASTE SO DARN GOOD — full of flavor — and you can just feel your head sprouting…

This is how the pizza looked after baking -- so good so not much left...

This is how the pizza looked after baking — so good so not much left…

I got some incredible sweet and salty tomatoes this past weekend from the CSA Downtown Market (Oma’s and Opa’s Farm stand).

I brought those babies home and they found their way on to some frozen pizza.

(Yes…I take shortcuts…especially since I found that the Newman’s Veggie has taste and makes a great canvas for the toppings we load on.)

The pizza got mozzarella, sliced bell peppers from the market, kalamata olives from the Whole Foods Bar — and the market tomatoes.

But I didn’t just plop those tomatoes on the pizza right out of the sack. In fact, I LOVED on those tomatoes before putting them on the pie.

They got a nice water bath and an olive oil drizzling …salt and pepper. They baked for a long time in the oven. Maybe about 50 minutes. Then added to the base of the pie.

Honestly, I think it’s the best darn pizza I’ve ever made. I know this because George and I pretty much inhaled it hours after final baking.

I urge you, if you haven’t already, to go out and talk to your tomato farmers at your markets.

Tomatoes come in all different sizes and tastes…Tell them what you want to make (maybe just salad tomatoes you need??)

The farmers will tell you the right ones. Heck, pick up their produce and ask them to give you an idea of what to cook up. Around the markets, I’ve heard some pretty unique ideas.