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This was my first full day being a tourist in Canada…

positive_vibesI put on my ‘positive vibes’ shirt this morning, hoping for a lot of them, and ended up with a day full….

I started out at an airbnb in Richmond, B.C. — and walked to the bus for the ‘Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal.’

As I approached the bus stop I was captivated by an elaborate Buddhist Temple (and of course Jack Kornfield/Path With Heart comes to mind.)

I can see a monk lighting candles out in front of the building — and conducting what appear to be his daily duties. I want to go over and light candles too, and go inside and meet the monks.

(But bummer!! I need to go! I’ve got to catch a ferry, plus I’m starving and need food before I get on the bus to the ferry terminal.)
store_bought_sushiSo I get on the bus that takes me to this major intersection/grocery shopping center and in the store I spot a quality-looking sushi/roll combo special priced around $7.

(for store-bought this is super quality and a great price. So this sets up the expectation of some sort of roll/sashimi for dinner.)


Today's lunch

Today’s lunch

I get out of the supermarket and take my groceries to the next door Starbucks…which I use to make up my lunch since I have no idea what I might get on the ferry (and looking back, this was probably the best choice).

So, I make a salad with my avocado and spinach — and top it with some tofu (that I had baked earlier at the airbnb in Richmond.)

Once I’m at the ferry terminal I eat my salad and grab some coffee and one of my ‘protein balls,’ which are running in short supply…errrrrr.

This is the top deck of this massive ferry I took over to Vancouver Island (Victoria).

Top deck of this massive ferry/ship I took to Vancouver Island (Victoria). (I have no idea who that guy is.)

The ferry IS HUGE and I’m thinking ‘ferry’ is not quite the right name for this HUGE SHIP — I’m talking Titanic-like. It’s got an arcade, a shopping boutique, a restaurant, a cafeteria-like restaurant and six full decks…heck, they pulled semi trucks out of this thing (I am NOT kidding.)

The ferry gets me to Vancouver Island so I can take a bus to Victoria.

This bus ride is 45 minutes and is packed with tourists like me. Except right next to me is a woman from the area — and we get to talking. (She made the the time fly!!)

I check into my airbnb in Victoria … and start planning for dinner. (I know there’s a grocery store up the street.)

At the store, everything looks pretty appetizing.

And they have sushi rolls and good looking sashimi!!

So I grab that, some eggs, tofu, greens, avocado and I head out of the store, looking for a spot maybe in the park nearby to sit and enjoy my dinner.

Downtown Victoria is full of beautiful roses EVERYWHERE. Caught this tonight just walking around after dinner.

Downtown Victoria is full of beautiful roses EVERYWHERE. Caught this tonight just walking around after dinner.

I come past this wonderful community center with the most magnificent garden — and I can see there’s a bench to sit at…as I head for it this woman calls out to me and asks if I have the key to the center (so apparently I look in charge lol!!) I tell her no and that I was just looking for a place to rest and eat my sushi.

She asks me if I want to join her while I eat. She says she’s waiting for a toastmasters meeting to start. “Sure,” I say, “Why not?” (She turns out to be a long-time resident of Victoria and 84-years-old — and attending toastmasters meetings.)

I ended my day on a bench overlooking the bay, with a Peach Tranquility Tea and a chocolate chunk cookie.

I ended my day with a Peach Tranquility Tea and a chocolate chunk cookie — on a bench overlooking the Bay.

I’m not sure exactly what we discussed but it was lovely just sitting there and knowing that we hadn’t known each other the first few minutes before — but it was wonderful our paths had crossed, in front of this lovely garden, which, by the way, attracted a hummingbird while we were talking.